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I am going to write, record and post a song each and every day for the next year. Some may be good. Some may be bad. Whatever. I guess I'm trying to teach myself to let go and be happy with things as they are. Here are the rules I have come up with:

They have to be written and recorded that day. However, once a week I am allowed to post something I had laying around to give myself a break.

We now have a sibling site! Go to another video on earth to see videos for the songs on this site made by people just like you! now what are you waiting for? make one.

All songs recorded straight into my laptop using free recording software and a microphone meant for karaoke.


Email me with the subject line "Mailing List" and I will add you to a daily mailing list. Each day when the song goes online, I'll also send you the mp3. Break the tethers that hold you to your computer! Let them hold you to your MP3 player, instead.

many thanks

Donations will go towards guitar strings and spaghetti.Also, if you make purchases through Amazon already, I get a percentage if you use the link below. It still costs the same. Thanks!



ps. i'm scared

BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson on 6music


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download the album collecting my favorites through september -
sendspace or torrent


wednesday, january 7th - “kissing you(is like kissing clouds)”

teenage fanclub said it best. hang on hang on. my cold is subsiding and i just may be able to do this after all.

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